Forest Hunts

Our hunting concession comprises of Units 13 and 14 bordering Boumba Bek National park.  The village of Gribe is 17 kms from our hunting camp in Zone 14 and the village of Massea is closer to zone 13. Both of these villages can be found on Google maps.


The two concessions cover a vast area of dense equatorial forest with a good network of logging roads that makes the area viable for sport hunting. Our camp based in Unit 14 includes client chalets with attached bathrooms and showers, a dining and sitting area, kitchen, skinning shed and staff quarters. A generator provides power to the camp and electric fans make it very comfortable for guests to enjoy a good nights rest.  If needed we have access to a comfortable logging camp in Unit 13.


Our concessions have a good density of all the main species including bongo, sitatunga, dwarf forest buffalo, yellow backed duiker, giant forest hog as well as the various duiker species. We get the most number of yellow backed duiker on quota in Cameroon and our clients have had good success taking these very desirable trophies. Gorilla are often sighted on our safaris and it is a real treat to see these special animals. These sightings along with the abundance of small duikers is a sure indication of an area rich in game that has not had much local poaching pressure.


The main species targeted by most clients is the Bongo, and these hunts are conducted using the traditional tracking method with dogs and their pygmy handlers. Dwarf forest buffalo are hunted by tracking in the traditional manner as well. This is a very a exciting not to mention dangerous hunt as the shots are measured in feet! Giant forest hog, red river hog and sitatunga are hunted by sitting in machans (miradors) overlooking, natural salt licks and swamps.


A forest hunt requires a certain level of fitness and stamina, however one does not have to be super man to hunt in these forests! The tracking is often done one step at a time as the jungle is very thick in places. However a certain level of agility and flexibility to avoid vines and other obstacles when walking and the ability to make a dash once the dogs bay an animal is important. One also needs to be able to cope with the heat and high level of humidity as there is very little air flow once in the forest and it can be quite stifling! The most important factor for success is having the mental makeup to hunt in the forest as unlike typical African safaris very little game is seen when driving around and it can become monotonous after a while. Every animal is a special prize and a hard won trophy. A hunt in these forests is the pinnacle of hunting achievements and one must keep that in mind. If not every hunter's trophy room would have a Bongo! The dwarf forest buffalo is the most difficult of all wild bovine to hunt on earth and even well known hunters have had many unsuccessful hunts for them.

Season Dates: April to July


Payment Terms: 25% to book the hunt, 25% to be paid by February, final balance to be paid 45 days prior to arrival in Cameroon.

A magnificent forest elephant captured on trail camera.

The drive to camp is approximately 10 hours which is significantly less than some other forest concessions. The shorter distance means that an expensive air charter is not required.