General Information

Getting There:
There are daily flights on Air France from Paris to Douala and Yaounde where clients will clear immigration and their rifles.

For the Savannah hunts your  arrival into Douala or Yaounde has to be timed to coincide with the twice a week flight on Cam Air Co, the only local commercial airline that flies to Ngaoundere or Garoua in the North. All Savannah hunts are tailored around this airline schedule.

Visas and Paperwork:
To hunt in Cameroon the following documentation is mandatory:

  • Air ticket showing dates of travel to obtain your visa
  • Your Passport with 6 months validity
  • Visa issued by the Cameroon Embassy
  • Color copy of Customs 4457 form with your gun details
  • Make, model, serial number and caliber of your rifle.
  • Number of cartridges that you wish to take – please take the exact number of cartridges (not more or less) with you as stamped on your gun permit. Cameroon is very strict with importation for arms and ammunition.
  • Proof of Yellow fever vaccination
  • A letter from your doctor stating that you are physically and mentally capable of undertaking a safari in Cameroon
  • Hunters Insurance
  • 4 passport size photos

We will assist in helping you obtain your visa, gun permit and hunting insurance.

Please ensure to take 10 sets (copies) of the following documents with you as you will need to give copies to the multiple police and customs officers that will request this from you on your hunt in Cameroon.

  • Airline ticket
  • Passport copy – showing personal information page and visa page
  • Copy of gun permit
  • Hunters Insurance – this will be procured from a company in France and is mandatory to hunt in Cameroon

Hunting License:
A Big-game hunting license will be obtained by your outfitter the cost of which is 1.000 euros.

Bird shooting:
Some rough bird shooting may be available for guinea fowl, sand grouse, francolin and doves. 


Some camps offer excellent fishing for Nile Perch and other local species. If you enjoy fishing packing a rod and some tackle is a good idea.


Daily laundry is done in camp so three sets of hunting clothing is sufficient. A list of what to bring will be provided.


Hunting Team:
Your hunting team will consist of your English speaking PH, trackers and driver.


Rifle Calibers:

A maximum of two rifles and 50 cartridges per rifle is allowed to be brought into Cameroon. For the savannah hunts a .375 H&H or similar is probably the ideal caliber. If you wish to take two rifles a .30-06 or .300 magnum along with a .416 caliber or heavier, especially if hunting elephant, would make a good combination. Rifles are available for hire for hunters who do not wish to take their own.