Savannah Hunts

The main species of the Savannah is the Lord Derby Eland. A magnificent creature, the Lord Derby Eland has a very impressive set of horns similar but much larger than the common eland. Its dark ruff and dewlap make it an impressive trophy and it is without doubt among Africa's finest trophies. The best time to hunt for eland is January to mid-March when the neck and mane hair is still dark and long. On a Savannah hunt other species such as Savannah buffalo, hippo, elephant, lion and various sub-species of antelope unique to West and Central Africa can be taken.

The hunting concession of 75000 unclosed hectares is located in North western Cameroon, bordering Faro National Park. Its GPS coordinates are: 8.02 ° to 8.27 ° North and 12.97 ° to 13.37 ° East.

The open territory is landlocked between a mountain chain rising to 1300 meters, the magnificent Faro river and one of its tributaries, Mayo Ndugba, a natural barrier to poaching during the rainy season. The concession boasts 250 km of dirt roads without villages nor inhabitants and can be accessed from Ngaoundere in the South (175 km from camp, 4 hours driving).


Embracing the style of local architecture, the camp is perfectly integrated into the surrounding forest. Built on the edge of the Faro River natural pools, this idyllic setting provides clients with a relaxing atmosphere and camp.  FARO SAFARIS offers locally sourced fine and French cuisine including local specialties and alcoholic beverages. The “boukarous” – thatched roof bungalows – blend harmoniously with the natural setting. Bedrooms are furnished with king size beds with large mosquito nets with private bathrooms. Daily laundry service is included. Camp is solar powered. Wi-fi access available on demand.


Season dates: January to end May