Savannah Hunts

The main species of the Savannah is the Lord Derby Eland. A magnificent creature, the Lord Derby Eland has a very impressive set of horns similar but much larger than the common eland. Its dark ruff and dewlap make it an impressive trophy and it is without doubt among Africa's finest trophies. The best time to hunt for eland is January to mid-March when the neck and mane hair is still dark and long. On a Savannah hunt other species such as Savannah buffalo, hippo, elephant, lion and various sub-species of antelope unique to West and Central Africa can be taken.

Savannah Class A Species

Lord Derby Eland

Western Roan

Western Savannah Buffalo

Sing Sing Waterbuck


Savannah Elephant


Savannah Class B/C Species

Harnessed Bushbuck

Bohor Reedbuck

Western Buffons Kob

Western Hartebeest

Grimms Duiker


Olive Baboon



Red Flanked Duiker

Red River Hog (Bush Pig)


Note: A big game license only allows taking of any 2 class A species and 4 class B species. If extra class A or B/C species wish to be hunted an additional big game hunting license will have to be purchased in addition to the upcharge from the outfitter.


The concessions have a fairly good network of roads and most of the hunting is done in the traditional African style of driving the roads and spotting game from the vehicle, or finding fresh tracks and following them. In the case of eland, hunters must be prepared for some long marches following their spoor.